Corporate Events

Your company, our specialty.
In addition to your Company Picnic, Regal Ranch has a special flare for other corporate events such as team building, weekday luncheons, private happy hours, award banquets, retirement parties and departmental functions. We have great new ideas, exciting games, and innovative event solutions.

Corporate events are proven morale boosters!
Picture this: The perfect day you planned for the company filled with blue skies and wide open spaces combined with the aroma of our finger licking BBQ blowing in the breeze while children are laughing, playing games and splashing in the swimming pool. Friends and coworkers are competing in friendly games of volleyball, softball and horseshoes while talking about the start of the Tug-o-War and other organized games!  Aren't you glad you chose Regal Ranch and our hassle-free planning?! You'll smile once back at the office on Monday as you receive many refreshed cheers for a job well-done!

Regal Ranch is NOT a Public Park.


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